Infrastructure Tools

This page provides tools for requesting or configuring infrastructure services. You are probably looking for one of the utilities below:

AFS Services

AFS Group Request

Request new AFS group or departmental space.

AFS Quota Request

Request additional quota for your personal AFS account.

Secure AFS Group Request

Request an AFS space for handling restricted or prohibited data.

Secure AFS Groups List

List and edit settings for Secure AFS spaces you own.

AFS Archive Management tool

Manage AFS space expiration renewals for spaces you own.

Email Services

Shared Email Service

Submit a request for Shared Email service.

Shared Email Access Control List editor

Change permissions or add new permissions for a shared Email service.

Recover Deleted Email

Learn how to recover deleted email for your Stanford Office 365 account.

Email Virtual Domain

Email Virtual Domain management tool.

Web Services

WordPress on Stanford Domain

A free self-service tool for publishing personal websites or portfolios.

Stanford Sites Drupal Platform

A free, self-service tool for building and managing websites for university work.

Collaboration Tools Upgrader

Upgrade instances of Drupal that were installed on AFS through the old Collaboration Tools Installer.

Log Dump Request

Sign up to receive daily access logs for your personal or group web site.

Personal CGI Account

Activate your personal CGI account.

Scheduling Service

Schedule UNIX commands and scripts stored in AFS to run at specified intervals.

SSL Certificate

Request an SSL certificate for your secure web server. (Two-Step Authentication Required)

Virtual Host Request

Miscellaneous Services

OpenLDAP Directory Access Request

Request access to the central OpenLDAP Directory Service.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Visit the ITS Infrastructure Monitoring Service to see service outages.

MySQL Account Registration

Apply MySQL service account for your department or group.

Workgroup Integration

Link workgroups you administer to mailing lists, PTS groups in AFS, and authorization groups for other Infrastructure Services.

Last modified 2024-01-18